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News Frequency Control Products

KXO-V32T - An 32.768 kHz Oscillator to boost your circuit

GEYER KXO-V32T with 32.768 kHz oczillator to boost your circuit

The GEYER Oscillator KXO-V32T is now
With its extremely low input current of
only 1.0 µA typ. your required battery
capacity can be reduced.
With its temperature tolerance of only
±10ppm at -40 to +85C exprensive
temperature compensation is no longer
Technical Data



Quarz Crystal KX-C in plastic housing is still available

The KX-C quartz crystal, with its dimensions of 12.5 / 4.6 / 3.7mm and a frequency range of 3.5 ~ 24 MHz, is still available from us, Geyer Quartz Technology!

Our KX-C is also the perfect choice for replacing crystals in plastic housings from other manufacturers.



Another reduction is achieved in size with a TCXO

The smallest GEYER TCXO Oscillator
 with dimension of only 
1.6 / 1.2 / 0.6 mm is now available.
In frequencies from 26 to 52 MHz
and for a operating temperature 
range of -40 - +85°C.

This component is especially suitable for all kinds of mobile communication applications like WLAN, ISM, NFT, wireless modules for Smart Cities, GNSS, GPS and Wearables. Product sheet



Miniature PXO/OX Oscillator KXO-V93T is now available

Miniature GEYER PXO/OX Oscillator KXO-V93T

The smallest GEYER PXO/OX Oscillator
 with dimension of only 
1.6 / 1.2 / 0.6 mm is now available.
In frequencies from 1 to 80 MHz
and for a operating temperature 
range of -40 - +85°C.

Technical Details

KX-327RTS Clock Crystal with a height of just 0.35 mm

The KX-327RTS has a reduced height of only 0.35 mm with a small dimension of 2.0 x 1.2 mm and is available ex stock with a load capacitance of 7 pF, 9 pF or 12.5 pF and a temperature tolerance of only ±20 ppm at -40°C to +85°C.
This component is developed for small-space required applications in the Field of IoT like Wearables, Smart Cards, Sensors, Smart Traffic Management and other RTC applications.

Technical data

Product of the Year 2019: Smallest Quarz Crystal KX-3T


The KX-3T was voted Product of the Year 2019 and took 3rd place in the 'Passive Components' category.

The smallest GEYER Quartz Crystal
with dimension of only
1.2 / 1.0 / 0.3 mm is now available.
In frequencies from 26 to 52 MHz
and for a operating temperature
range of -40 - +85°C.

Technical Details

Innovative and powersaving Tuning Fork Crystal KX-327NHT

The KX-327NHT is a precise and a high-
performance Clock crystal and available with
a series resonance of only 20k Ohm typ.

This innovative improvement offers secure
oscillation, a shorter start-up time, and higher
Trim Sensitivity, thereby saving power.
The working temperature range extends from
-40 to +85°C.

With the model name KX-327NHF is now available with an extended temperature 
range of -40°C ~ +125°C for Automotive applications. AECQ 200 qualified.

KX-327NHT/NHF Design-Information.pdf (1.24 MB)

Oscillators with kHz frequencies

GEYER offers you a large range of kHz Oscillators.
For example the miniaturised Oscillator
KXO-V95 with 32.768 kHz, measuring
just 2.0 x 2.5 x 0.82 mm, with a very
low input current of 0.5 mA max., a
supply voltage +3,3V and a temperature
range up to +125°C is possible.,

Tuning Fork Crystal KX-327RF for the extended operating temperature

GEYER Tuning Fork Crystal KX-327RF for the extended operating temperature range.

The Quartz Crystal KX-327RF with
32.768 kHz, in 2.0 | 1.2 | 0.6 mm
package size, is now available for 
the extended temperature range of 
-40°C ~ +125°C for Automotive
applications. AECQ 200 qualified.

Small-sized Crystal KX-4 with RF frequencies

Small-sized Crystal KX-4 with RF frequencies

We offer the KX-4, in 1.6 | 1.2 | 0.3 mm
package size, also with RF frequencies
like 26.0 MHz and 27.12 MHz with
tight tolerances (10|10ppm and 10|20ppm)
specially adjusted for WiFi applications
as ex-stock product.

Samples are available - Please order now by contacting us on 
'Sample Order' or Tel. +49 89 546868-18.

Micro Tuning Fork Crystal has just arrived

The tiniest SMD Tuning Fork Crystal KX-327VT
measuring only 1.25 | 1.05 mm has just arrived.

Manufactured by a special, fully automatic
production process, this part offers accurate
time measurement over a very long period.
Examples of application are Real Time Clock, mobile
Medical products, Wireless Lan.

The most important features and advantages:

Size: 1.25 | 1.05 | 0.5 mm
Operating Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +85°C
Available in 7 pF and 12,5 pF
Standard tolerance +/-20 ppm

Samples are available - Please order now by contacting us on 
'Sample Order' or Tel. +49 89 546868-18.

KX-7 and KX-9A Quartz Crystals - available at 8 MHz

GEYER KX-7 Crystal with 8 MHz

Quartz Crystal model KX-7
is available with a frequency range
of 8.0 ... 60 MHz.

Quartz Crystal model KX-9A
is available with a frequency range
of 7.680, 8.0 ... 300 MHz.

Quartz crystals in small sizes with low
frequencies (KX-7 and KX-9A) are available
for many applications such as the
radio transmission of serial GPS data.

Temperature compensated SMD Oscillator KXO-86


Produced in a case with only 2.5 | 2.0 mm and a maximum height of 0.7 mm, the GEYER Ultra-Miniature SMD TCXO is predestined for ambi-tious applications in the field of Telecommuni-cation, Radio Technology and GPS-Telemetry, boards with high packing density and only limited space is available for the oscillator.

The frequency tolerance is defined with ±0.5 ppm at 25°C and an over all tempera-ture tolerance of ±2.5 ppm.

The available frequency range starts at 3.250 MHz and goes up to 54.000 MHz. Selectable power supply values are +1.8V DC, +2.5V DC and +3.3V DC. The operating temperature range for the KXO-86 is specified from ?30 to +75°C.

The KXO-86 is available also as VCTCXO (additional Voltage Control Function), power supply 2,5V or 3,3V DC and a pulling sensitivity in the range from ±9 ppm to ±15 ppm (at 1/2VDD ±1,0 V).

Custom defined specifications on request.



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