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Controller - 16 bit


IC Frequency Quartz CL Part Nr.
24FJ64GA306_KX-4T 25MHz KX-4T 10pF 12.84842
24FJ64GA306_KX-5E 25MHz KX-5E 10pF 12.85585
24FJ64GA306_KX-6T 25MHz KX-6T 10pF 12.86599
24FJ64GA306_KX-7T 25MHz KX-7T 10pF 12.88786
24FJ64GA306_KX-327VT 32.768kHz KX-327VT 12.5pF 12.87000
24FJ64GA306_KX-327FT 32.768kHz KX-327FT 12.5pF 12.87171
24FJ64GA306_KX-327RT 32.768kHz KX-327RT 12.5pF 12.87167
24FJ64GA306_KX-327NHT 32.768kHz KX-327NHT 12.5pF 12.87158
24FJ64GB106_KX-5T 32MHz KX-5T 10pF 12.85601
24FJ64GB106_KX-6T 32MHz KX-6T 10pF 12.86619
24FJ64GB106_KX-7T 32MHz KX-7T 10pF 12.60078
24FJ64GB106_KX-327VT 32.768kHz KX-327VT 9pF 12.87001
24FJ64GB106_KX-327FT 32.768kHz KX-327FT 9pF 12.87172
24FJ64GB106_KX-327RT 32.768kHz KX-327RT 9pF 12.87165
24FJ64GB106_KX-327NHTT 32.768kHz KX-327NHT 9pF 12.87146
24FJ64GA308_KX-4T 25MHz KX-4T 10pF 12.84842
24FJ64GA308_KX-5E 25MHz KX-5E 10pF 12.85585
24FJ64GA308_KX-6T 25MHz KX-6T 10pF 12.86599
24FJ64GA308_KX-7T 25MHz KX-7T 10pF 12.88786
24FJ64GA308_KX-327VT 32.768kHz KX-327VT 12.5pF 12.87000
24FJ64GA308_KX-327FT 32.768kHz KX-327FT 12.5pF 12.87171
24FJ64GA308_KX-327RT 32.768kHz KX-327RT 12.5pF 12.87167
24FJ64GA308_KX-327NHT 32.768kHz KX-327NHT 12.5pF 12.87158


IC Frequency Quartz CL Part Nr.
NXP-MC9S12DG128_KX-5T 16MHz KX-5T 10pF 12.85600
NXP-MC9S12DG128_KX-6T 16MHz KX-6T 10pF 12.86618
NXP-MC9S12DG128_KX-7T 16MHz KX-7T 10pF 12.88455
NXP-MC9S12XDT256_KX-5T 16MHz KX-5T 10pF 12.85600
NXP-MC9S12XDT256_KX-6T 16MHz KX-6T 10pF 12.86618
NXP-MC9S12XDT256_KX-7T 16MHz KX-7T 10pF 12.88455


IC Frequency Quartz CL Part Nr.
RL78-I1B_KX-6T 12MHz KX-6T 10pF 12.86622
RL78-I1B_KX-7T 12MHz KX-7T 10pF 12.88595
RL78-I1B_KX-327VT 32.768kHz KX-327VT 7pF 12.87002
RL78-I1B_KX-327FT 32.768kHz KX-327FT 7pF 12.87175
RL78-I1B_KX-327RT 32.768kHz KX-327RT 7pF 12.87033
RL78-I1B_KX-327NHT 32.768kHz KX-327NHT 7pF 12.87147
R8C 16bit MCU 32.768kHz KX-327NHF 7pF  
R8C 16bit MCU 2 01 32.768kHz KX-327NHT 7pF 12.87147, 12.87148, 12.87153


IC Frequency Quartz CL Part Nr.
MSP430F449_KX-327VT 32.768kHz KX-327VT 7pF 12.87002
MSP430F449_KX-327FT 32.768kHz KX-327FT 7pF 12.87175
MSP430F449_KX-327RT 32.768kHz KX-327RT 7pF 12.87033
MSP430F449_KX-327NHT 32.768kHz KX-327NHT 7pF 12.87147
MSP430F2370_KX-327VT 32.768kHz KX-327VT 7pF 12.87002
MSP430F2370_KX-327FT 32.768kHz KX-327FT 7pF 12.87175
MSP430F2370_KX-327RT 32.768kHz KX-327RT 7pF 12.87033
MSP430F2370_KX-327NHT 32.768kHz KX-327NHT 7pF 12.87147
MSP430F2417_KX-327VT 32.768kHz KX-327VT 7pF 12.87002
MSP430F2417_KX-327FT 32.768kHz KX-327FT 7pF 12.87175
MSP430F2417_KX-327RT 32.768kHz KX-327RT 7pF 12.87033
MSP430F2417_KX-327NHT 32.768kHz KX-327NHT 7pF 12.87147
MSP430F4783_KX-327VT 32.768kHz KX-327VT 7pF 12.87002
MSP430F4783_KX-327FT 32.768kHz KX-327FT 7pF 12.87175
MSP430F4783_KX-327RT 32.768kHz KX-327RT 7pF 12.87033
MSP430F4783_KX-327NHT 32.768kHz KX-327NHT 7pF 12.87147
MSP430F6747_KX-327RT 32.768kHz KX-327RF 12.5pF 12.87167
MSP430F6747_KX-327NHT 32.768kHz KX-327NHT 12.5pF 12.87145
MSP430FG4270_KX-327VT 32.768kHz KX-327VT 7pF 12.87002
MSP430FG4270_KX-327FT 32.768kHz KX-327FT 7pF 12.87175
MSP430FG4270_KX-327RT 32.768kHz KX-327RT 7pF 12.87033
MSP430FG4270_KX-327NHT 32.768kHz KX-327NHT 7pF 12.87147
MSP430FR692x_KX-327RT 32.768kHz KX-327RT 12.5pF 12.87167
MSP430FR692x_KX-327NHT 32.768kHz KX-327NHT 12.5pF 12.87145
MSP430FR5847_KX-327RT 32.768kHz KX-327RT 12.5pF 12.87167
MSP430FR5847_KX-327NHT 32.768kHz KX-327NHT 12.5pF 12.87145
MSP430FR5949_KX-327RT 32.768kHz KX-327RT 12.5pF 12.87167
MSP430FR5949_KX-327NHT 32.768kHz KX-327NHT 12.5pF 12.87145
MSP430G255_KX-327VT 32.768kHz KX-327VT 7pF 12.87002
MSP430G255_KX-327FT 32.768kHz KX-327FT 7pF 12.87175
MSP430G255_KX-327RT 32.768kHz KX-327RT 7pF 12.87033
MSP430G255_KX-327NHT 32.768kHz KX-327NHT 7pF 12.87147
MSP430P325_KX-327VT 32.768kHz KX-327VT 7pF 12.87002
MSP430P325_KX-327FT 32.768kHz KX-327FT 7pF 12.87175
MSP430P325_KX-327RT 32.768kHz KX-327RT 7pF 12.87033
MSP430P325_KX-327NHT 32.768kHz KX-327NHT 7pF 12.87147
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