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Battery Assembling Standard

  • DYNAMIS_BR-23AGCT4A Standard Battery assembling and Lithium-Ion Standard-Packs

We offer batterie packs and accu packs with products from well-known manufacturers for standard applications made out of up-to-date chemical technologies e.g.

Ni Metal HydrideLithium IonLithium Iron PhosphateLithium PolymerLithium-Manganese
Lithium Thionyl Chloride

Standard battery packs

Lithium-Ion Standard Packs
We offer assembled Li-Ion batteries from cells of well-known manufacturers and
UL-recognized components.
All batteries (in shrink tube) are equipped with PCM and 150mm wire
For easy implementation in your application, all batteries already comply
with UN section 38.3 transportation test.
The custom-built PCM ensures high safety during operation.

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