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Charging Equipment

UltraCharge Microlader V6.4 for NC, NH, Lead and Lithium Ion Accus


1.2 ~ 36 V 


50 ~ 6000 mA 

UltraCharge Microlader V6.4 Microprocessor controlled Quick-charger and equipment for regeneration.
Microlader is a quick-charger with a wide range of possibilities for NC, NH, Lead ond Lithium cells: automatic quick charging, reflex charging, normal charging, discharging or reconditioning of 1 to 30 cells = 1,2V to 36V. No memory effect.
The MICROLADER can also be connected to the optional PC interface for measurement data transfer and analysis on a PC running the Orbit MICROLOG software.


Battery Charger Pb SMT "2B and 3B" for Lead Batteries


12 V 


10 ~ 40 A 

Battery chargers with switch mode technology Type Pb  SMT 2B and 3B

Due to an exactly defined charging characteristic of IU10U2 the SMT chargers allow quick and effective charging of  lead-acid Gel and AGM batteries, treating the battery careful at the same time. Multiple device options are covering a wide scale of applications ?  stationary as well as mobile use. Short charging times with high rate of  capacity input,  temperature adapted charge voltage, long battery service life and  frequent  buffer operation is crucial criteria for an optimal battery charging procedure. Two charging programs will enforce opti- mized charging of Gel/AGM batteries as well as vented lead-acid batteries of newest resp. traditional technology. The  battery may remain connected with the charger. An overcharging is prevented. At longer times of inoperation storage  an automatic regeneration programm  prevents a performance reducing acid stratification.


CarEL Charger for Lead Acid Batteries


12 ~ 24 V 


3 ~ 15 A 

CAREL is a very small flexible batty charger intended for Sealed Lead-Gel batteries. It is available in 12 and 24 Volt models with 85 Watt output effect. The Batteries are charged using the IUoU charging characteristics. This means charging with full effect until the gassing voltage has been reached. This voltage is kept constant until the charging current has dropped to 0,2 Ampere or until the charging time from start has reached 20 hours. After that the charger automatically changes to maintenance charging (float charging). The batteries will be fully charged without any risk for overcharging.


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